Phimosis in infants, recognize the signs and how to handle it

Phimosis in infants is a condition where the foreskin is attached to the head of the penis and cannot be pulled back from around the tip of the penis. This condition is common in infants and children who have not been circumcised. However, there are also cases where phimosis in infants continues through childhood and puberty. Of course, this condition must receive medical treatment so as not to cause health problems. Although in some cases as the body develops, the foreskin will become loose and stretchable, but some will remain and cause interference. Phimosis conditions in infants that need to be watched out for Phimosis in infants is a congenital condition. Some cases of phimosis do not require special treatment. However, avoid forcibly pulling the attachment between the foreskin and the head of the penis, because it risks causing injury to the baby's foreskin. Generally this sticking will naturally separate, at 5-7 years of age or puberty. However, you also should not un…
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